Saturday, July 24, 2010

Self portrait with S*diq

This definitely does not do justice for S*diq as his cuteness is not reflected in the sketch at all. S*diq is a chubby baby boy born to an Indian Muslim mother and a Pakistani. 

It is rumoured that his whole maternal family has some degree of schizophrenia and he’s admitted into our ward for suspected child neglect. When he first came, I found, to my horror, layers of dirt between the flexural parts of his knees but he was cheerful nonetheless. 

What makes him extra adorable is his welcoming ‘dance’ whenever someone approaches him. He’d kick his little lotus-like legs and flail his arms and SMILE. And that just makes my day. He has these big, round, innocent eyes and cute little double chin. Many of us commented that he’d be a handsome guy in the future . I wish little S*diq a bright future where he rises above the seemingly adverse condition he’s in now.

Checking M*rni’s eye

Jeffrey checking little orphan M*rni’s eye. M*rni has joined the many chronic residents in our ward for lung infection and is now awaiting weight gain. There are many baby orphans in our ward and they are our source of joy every day.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sketches of uni

Bobo mee stall in front of Laman Midah. This will be a place of sweet and bitter
( bitten by mozzies) memories with ky and friends,where we appease our 
gastro departments and kindle relationships over a cup Ribena campur lemon slice.

My room sweet room! It's small and congested with stuff accumulated over the years but it feels like home after coming back from scoldings/threatenings/rejections etc in the wards/OT/labour rooms/clinics.