Sunday, December 2, 2012

Unforgettable little art exhibition

This is my dream come true. I had hoped and hoped for a group as they have in Penang and Singapore to sketch with but whenever I googled ' sabah sketchers', only frustrating, irrelevant results of skechers shoewear came up.

And so I had been sketching alone and lonely until about half a year ago when I met Kwan, the first person in Sabah who showed sincere interest in starting a group with me. One thing led to another, not long ago I met Nova, the manager of Wishbone, art cafe on the most happening street in KK, Gaya street, through Kwan, and the rest, as they say, is history.

We had a little launching of my sketch exhibition titled ' Travel. Sketch.Heritage' yesterday. Here are some pictures.

Me and my Ipoh sketches

me at Wishbone

My partner in crime, kuan yew, my dear friends and colleagues who came to join me on the opening day.

Dear Nova also invited reporters and here is the article.

The link to Urban Sketchers Sabah : or search for 'Urban Sketchers Sabah" on facebook.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sri Latha indian breakfast

A series of jetty

Ever since my facebook was automatically changed to timeline, 
the photos in my blog have broken links and wouldn't appear. Anyway, that seems unfixable. So here are my newest sketches. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sketching In a park with Kwan

For months I stared longingly at sketches posted by fellow sketchers on facebook and the urban sketcher website, and resignedly at hundreds of pictures, articles, and announcements of the sketchwalk that was being held in conjunction with the Georgetown festival. Sketchers from as far as Taiwan, Bangkok and Singapore were arriving at my favourite part of the world to sketch, while I had to work in the labour room, seeing babies after babies popping out. Attempts to look for like-minded people in my current city were fruitless, until that fateful day, when I met a local artist, Kwan.

And today, we had managed to sketch in a park I had never known existed before. We found a shady area in a traditional house. It was a quite area, with only mosquitoes as our company. So we felt safe when there were 2 PDRM guards near us, until they had to go off to investigate a fatal accident. We enjoyed a few minutes of solitude until it was disturbed by an army of excited, screaming children from a kindergarten called Tadika Didik Kasih. We were soon surrounded by little spectators. And so I sketched Debbie( who wrote her name wrongly as 'Deddie' which only added to her cuteness), Owen, Evangelis, Shira and the most adorable baby.


This is the beautiful lotus pond in the park.

The children loved Kwan's drawings, and wouldn't let him go until each of them got a drawing of a cartoon character by him.

This is an excellent drawing of the traditional 'perahu' by Kwan, on a cardboard paper.

So that's all on my first ever ' group' sketch in sabah. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Flying home


Today the day seems long and endless. 
My day begun at 5am.
I was well rested despite having had only 3 hours of sleep.

 After cleaning my face and teeth I started blood taking, in my personal record time - an hour.
I usually take around 4 hours.
and i am the slowest blood taking houseman I know.
so I felt honoured that I was able to help a fellow houseman with blood taking after I finished mine.
By the time my car's engine roared to life from a good night's rest,
the sun was scorching hot.
I left the hospital feeling excited.

A short respite- this one hour of sketching my lovely neighbourhood.
3 labour workers sat beside the road, hiding from the unrelenting sun
I finished the sketch,
and drove home.

Only to find out that I am having a test in 3 weeks' time instead of 4. 
But it's ok, I told myself.
I will start studying now. 

Lazy sundays

Post call days are the happiest days in a week. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A series of fortunate events

A rare day out on Gaya Street, KK.
A series of fortunate events - 1st there were only 3 admissions during my time, then I get to sleep on a bed for an hour, then when asked for permission to be excused fr the entire morning round, my MO permitted. And Kuan Yew was free and so here we were having breakfast on a windy saturday on Gaya street.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Borneo: Half a Year

Almost half a year into this new place and a month into a new, crazy posting. Because of shortage of housemen that is plaguing this department since I joined it, I've been running around like a crazy man every day ( and night ) but let's talk about something happy.  I derive satisfaction from knowing that I've done my job well, even if it's just blood taking and making sure I could provide most of the information my bosses want so that the rounds could be finished faster. But what made me feel touched is when patients say thank you to me, ask me if i've rested/eaten etc, and when i know them by name, when their caretakers call out to me enthusiastically. But a lot of the time I feel frustrated at the system, the lack of time/resources/technology that we have here, but mostly from my shallow knowledge and poor memory.
okie, gotta study before my night shift =)