Saturday, May 22, 2010

My sister's back 2 !

Bubu is back. Our family is complete and under one roof once again! 
 Where ever Bubu went, I tagged along to maximize our time together.

This is the famous Foh San DimSum in Ipoh.

Bubu has talent in drawing. I'm trying hard to make her love it and make sketching a habit so that we could go on sketching trips!

                                                                      My Papa.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my sister is baaaack!

My little sister, Bubu is back from USA! Mum and I were waiting at the arrival hall in KLIA. 

Too bad she's too jetlagged to chat with me right away. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Frontera and 甜品哥哥

Tonight we vrooomed away in wc's spanking new Honda City towards Jaya One and our destination - Frontera Aya Karambaaaaa!!! Amidst a flurry of burritos and eschiladas we settled down and began to make orders and i started to sketch. So here they are: 

My eyes were immediately attracted to the big red words: "HORNY MARGARITAS" in the menu, at the most obvious corner with the biggest size in the whole menu. We ordered one and shared among 4. Even the driver drank some. 

Only the Frontera chicken nachos and the margarita were up to our standard. Delicioso! The others were so-so so we concluded that Frontera's eschiladas and burritos were overrated.
Then we went on a 2nd round to the dessert shop- 甜品哥哥 in SS2. 

I did not order because the one i wanted was finished. Plus i was too busy sketching anyway. After surveying the girls, 50% thought that they were satisfied, esp sharen with the almond soup. the other two thought that the desserts were overrated (poor thing..).

Fora slightly more professional food review of the same occasion, here it is! There will be photos and detailed description i think. =) adios for now! zzZzzz

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sabah Sketches

Here're my sketches that I promised to put up! =)

This is sketched in front of the handicraft market and it attracted a small crowd while I was sketching it.
 It did not turn our well, ruined mostly by the old-looking child. I should really work on my technique in drawing children.

The man on the left requested a portrait of himself so I drew him. 
The men on the right were playing chest and Kuan yew was crouched beside them taking photos.

                                                    This is the oldest hotel in kota kinabalu!

Nuff said, the coolest(literally) place I've been in sabah! MooooOoOoo! 
Miss their chocolate milk. How come I never see Desa brand fresh milk around?

This is a surprisingly touching visit. It's true that we share practically the same gene pool as the orang utans. They move, eat like humans and even have distinct personalities of their own!

These are drawn from photos in the info centre in Sepilok Orang Utan Sacntuary and painted from memory. So if you detect some weird colour combinations please do tell me =)

 The Jesselton Point! Sketched this under the scorching hot sun. sweat sweat sweat...

Joy of sketching

         Was feeling quite demotivated with the last few paintings of my sabah sketches because except a few, the others did not turn out as well as I'd hope for. Today I was extremely happy at some encouraging words and comments  on my sketches on Facebook. It reignited my desire to take up watercolour classes when I graduate. And then I found this incredibly cute and inspiring FREE ebook by a Michael Nobbs who's diagnosed with myalgic encephalopathy. He draws to cope and now finds such joy in it that he's actively encouraging people to draw. I just had to click on add to cart,then 'checkout', fill in my name and email and click download. Absolutely no fee required.

I wanna share the joy of sketching our everyday life. I bring my sketchbook out a lot( even to wards!)and draw interesting things, mundane things, adults, children, flowers, animals, roads, buildings, food etc.EVERYONE can draw! It's the first thing we could do with a pen( other than putting it into our mouth) as a child. 

So here's the link to the ebook.

Another joy of sketching comes from how it brings strangers closer. A few weeks ago, I sketched in front of a handicraft market in kota kinabalu and it attracted a small crowd around me and I got to interact with the locals who otherwise wouldn't talk to me like they did. 

At first I was sketching on my own.

Then there was one local who came near me.

And another.

Then there're three.

Lastly, a small crowd!

I felt very flattered such and ordinary sketching could attract people to stop and watch. 
Most probably they're there anyway and bored enough to watch a tourist sketch,
 but I still feel very happy cuz this has never happened before. 

The sketch? It didn't turn out very well but who cares? It's just one bad drawing.
 I can strive to make better ones =)