Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sketching In a park with Kwan

For months I stared longingly at sketches posted by fellow sketchers on facebook and the urban sketcher website, and resignedly at hundreds of pictures, articles, and announcements of the sketchwalk that was being held in conjunction with the Georgetown festival. Sketchers from as far as Taiwan, Bangkok and Singapore were arriving at my favourite part of the world to sketch, while I had to work in the labour room, seeing babies after babies popping out. Attempts to look for like-minded people in my current city were fruitless, until that fateful day, when I met a local artist, Kwan.

And today, we had managed to sketch in a park I had never known existed before. We found a shady area in a traditional house. It was a quite area, with only mosquitoes as our company. So we felt safe when there were 2 PDRM guards near us, until they had to go off to investigate a fatal accident. We enjoyed a few minutes of solitude until it was disturbed by an army of excited, screaming children from a kindergarten called Tadika Didik Kasih. We were soon surrounded by little spectators. And so I sketched Debbie( who wrote her name wrongly as 'Deddie' which only added to her cuteness), Owen, Evangelis, Shira and the most adorable baby.


This is the beautiful lotus pond in the park.

The children loved Kwan's drawings, and wouldn't let him go until each of them got a drawing of a cartoon character by him.

This is an excellent drawing of the traditional 'perahu' by Kwan, on a cardboard paper.

So that's all on my first ever ' group' sketch in sabah.