Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Borneo: Half a Year

Almost half a year into this new place and a month into a new, crazy posting. Because of shortage of housemen that is plaguing this department since I joined it, I've been running around like a crazy man every day ( and night ) but let's talk about something happy.  I derive satisfaction from knowing that I've done my job well, even if it's just blood taking and making sure I could provide most of the information my bosses want so that the rounds could be finished faster. But what made me feel touched is when patients say thank you to me, ask me if i've rested/eaten etc, and when i know them by name, when their caretakers call out to me enthusiastically. But a lot of the time I feel frustrated at the system, the lack of time/resources/technology that we have here, but mostly from my shallow knowledge and poor memory.
okie, gotta study before my night shift =)



  1. Your visit to New Zealand probably feels like a long, long time ago then? Excellent sketch though!

  2. Yes it feels like a dream a long, long time ago, so long that it feels surreal. i hope i get to go on another sketching trip after my housemanship. =) Thanks for your kind comment, Murray =)

  3. ru hui!! i couldn't stop myself from leaving comment it 10 times for ur sketch. it's superb..=)

  4. Steve! Long time no hear! Thanks for your kind comment! =)