Saturday, April 14, 2012


Today the day seems long and endless. 
My day begun at 5am.
I was well rested despite having had only 3 hours of sleep.

 After cleaning my face and teeth I started blood taking, in my personal record time - an hour.
I usually take around 4 hours.
and i am the slowest blood taking houseman I know.
so I felt honoured that I was able to help a fellow houseman with blood taking after I finished mine.
By the time my car's engine roared to life from a good night's rest,
the sun was scorching hot.
I left the hospital feeling excited.

A short respite- this one hour of sketching my lovely neighbourhood.
3 labour workers sat beside the road, hiding from the unrelenting sun
I finished the sketch,
and drove home.

Only to find out that I am having a test in 3 weeks' time instead of 4. 
But it's ok, I told myself.
I will start studying now. 

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  1. Excellent street view Ru Hui! I hope you exam went well.