Sunday, December 2, 2012

Unforgettable little art exhibition

This is my dream come true. I had hoped and hoped for a group as they have in Penang and Singapore to sketch with but whenever I googled ' sabah sketchers', only frustrating, irrelevant results of skechers shoewear came up.

And so I had been sketching alone and lonely until about half a year ago when I met Kwan, the first person in Sabah who showed sincere interest in starting a group with me. One thing led to another, not long ago I met Nova, the manager of Wishbone, art cafe on the most happening street in KK, Gaya street, through Kwan, and the rest, as they say, is history.

We had a little launching of my sketch exhibition titled ' Travel. Sketch.Heritage' yesterday. Here are some pictures.

Me and my Ipoh sketches

me at Wishbone

My partner in crime, kuan yew, my dear friends and colleagues who came to join me on the opening day.

Dear Nova also invited reporters and here is the article.

The link to Urban Sketchers Sabah : or search for 'Urban Sketchers Sabah" on facebook.


  1. Wow congratz on the achievement!! I love to read your sketching journey and its so inspiring the fact that you can manage your time wisely for sketching. I have not been sketching as much as before.I just started working recently, so now trying my best to balance work and free time. Thanks for sharing your stories btw!!! :)

  2. Nice work Ru Hui, awesome newspaper article too!