Monday, September 26, 2011

Unsung heros of Ipoh's heritage

A day after I posted about preserving heritage buildings in Ipoh, I made a pleasant discovery on Hugh Low Street, right beside the building where my mom used to work at, and where I spent my childhood playing on the second floor. The pleasant discovery was 'Lim Kopi' restaurant, serving traditional Hainanese food and really good white coffee.

The atmosphere was nice and most importantly, the whole family values heritage buildings, and Lim Ko Pi is just one of the 12 buildings acquired by them with preservation and conservation in mind. The family was even invited by the city mayor to meet him in appreciation of the Lim family's effort in conserving Ipoh's heritage.

What was amazing was it all started with the eldest daughter, Lim Bay Sie, who is the same age as me. She started having interest in heritage conservation after she'd been to other countries and seen how heritage was conserved. So similar to my case! I started valuing heritage after my NZ trip.

Here are some links to newspaper articles about the Lim Family :
1. The Star: Family prides in preservingpre-war buildings
2. Nan Yang Siang Bao: 市厅研究保育古迹奖励 老建筑物或扣门牌税

Previous OAC building, Lim Kopi is the red buidling
I spent 2 days walking around Ipoh old town, trying to record as many heritage buildings as possible with my Hero pen and brush.

Han Chin Pet Soo 闲真别墅


  1. Nice work Ru Hui, this looks like a really interesting area. I'll have to try this white coffee sometime.

  2. Hi Murray! Yes please visit Malaysia! Our coffee is very different from NZ coffee. We have white and green coffee =)

  3. u are the unsung hero's hero - any compilation of concubine lane ( Panglima Lane Ipoh) ??