Monday, May 10, 2010

Joy of sketching

         Was feeling quite demotivated with the last few paintings of my sabah sketches because except a few, the others did not turn out as well as I'd hope for. Today I was extremely happy at some encouraging words and comments  on my sketches on Facebook. It reignited my desire to take up watercolour classes when I graduate. And then I found this incredibly cute and inspiring FREE ebook by a Michael Nobbs who's diagnosed with myalgic encephalopathy. He draws to cope and now finds such joy in it that he's actively encouraging people to draw. I just had to click on add to cart,then 'checkout', fill in my name and email and click download. Absolutely no fee required.

I wanna share the joy of sketching our everyday life. I bring my sketchbook out a lot( even to wards!)and draw interesting things, mundane things, adults, children, flowers, animals, roads, buildings, food etc.EVERYONE can draw! It's the first thing we could do with a pen( other than putting it into our mouth) as a child. 

So here's the link to the ebook.

Another joy of sketching comes from how it brings strangers closer. A few weeks ago, I sketched in front of a handicraft market in kota kinabalu and it attracted a small crowd around me and I got to interact with the locals who otherwise wouldn't talk to me like they did. 

At first I was sketching on my own.

Then there was one local who came near me.

And another.

Then there're three.

Lastly, a small crowd!

I felt very flattered such and ordinary sketching could attract people to stop and watch. 
Most probably they're there anyway and bored enough to watch a tourist sketch,
 but I still feel very happy cuz this has never happened before. 

The sketch? It didn't turn out very well but who cares? It's just one bad drawing.
 I can strive to make better ones =)


  1. haha i dont like ppl watching me when im in the middle of sketching! i can guarantee it'll turn out bad :P when we go out for a crawl i'll try my best to lean on a wall or smthg hahaha so that ppl couldnt see me

  2. excellent:) haha. my friend told me that sketching by the street will boost confidence because no matter how bad our drawing look like, ppl will still think its beautiful. hahha.