Thursday, May 13, 2010

Frontera and 甜品哥哥

Tonight we vrooomed away in wc's spanking new Honda City towards Jaya One and our destination - Frontera Aya Karambaaaaa!!! Amidst a flurry of burritos and eschiladas we settled down and began to make orders and i started to sketch. So here they are: 

My eyes were immediately attracted to the big red words: "HORNY MARGARITAS" in the menu, at the most obvious corner with the biggest size in the whole menu. We ordered one and shared among 4. Even the driver drank some. 

Only the Frontera chicken nachos and the margarita were up to our standard. Delicioso! The others were so-so so we concluded that Frontera's eschiladas and burritos were overrated.
Then we went on a 2nd round to the dessert shop- 甜品哥哥 in SS2. 

I did not order because the one i wanted was finished. Plus i was too busy sketching anyway. After surveying the girls, 50% thought that they were satisfied, esp sharen with the almond soup. the other two thought that the desserts were overrated (poor thing..).

Fora slightly more professional food review of the same occasion, here it is! There will be photos and detailed description i think. =) adios for now! zzZzzz

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