Monday, May 10, 2010

Sabah Sketches

Here're my sketches that I promised to put up! =)

This is sketched in front of the handicraft market and it attracted a small crowd while I was sketching it.
 It did not turn our well, ruined mostly by the old-looking child. I should really work on my technique in drawing children.

The man on the left requested a portrait of himself so I drew him. 
The men on the right were playing chest and Kuan yew was crouched beside them taking photos.

                                                    This is the oldest hotel in kota kinabalu!

Nuff said, the coolest(literally) place I've been in sabah! MooooOoOoo! 
Miss their chocolate milk. How come I never see Desa brand fresh milk around?

This is a surprisingly touching visit. It's true that we share practically the same gene pool as the orang utans. They move, eat like humans and even have distinct personalities of their own!

These are drawn from photos in the info centre in Sepilok Orang Utan Sacntuary and painted from memory. So if you detect some weird colour combinations please do tell me =)

 The Jesselton Point! Sketched this under the scorching hot sun. sweat sweat sweat...


  1. 3rd sketch. the view is nicely framed. i like! :)

  2. I really like your sketches:)

  3. i just found your stuff through a comment you left on my site -just love your work. keep drawing and i'll keep checking back.

  4. i'm looking forward for ur next sketch, d pipit one..

  5. Hi Hafiza, I didn't go to pipit. I walked to the bu station in front of HUKM only to find out that there's no direct bus to central market. I'd to take a cab to LRT then change to PUTRAline, which seemed like an expensive ordeal to me. By that time I was practically having a heat stroke. So I turned back to my room and wallow in self pity.