Friday, August 26, 2011

槟岛。会大师。亲子游。Penang Sketching Trip

Ever since the first sketching/painting session organised by the Facebook group Penang Sketchers about a year ago, I'd been wanting to attend the sessions, but due to my location i was unable to. Last week I finally, finally attended one, at the world heritage site in Georgetown! Nothing could have been more wonderful than seeing my favourite sketch/painters in action with my own eyes. 

My parents and I received the warmest northern hospitality from sketchers Cheang Jin and Kiah Kien. I am a typical introvert. Long and loud outings drain my inner energy and confuse my overstimulated brain. But after meeting with my new sketcher friends I always felt revitalised and elated, for days!

The only sketch I did during the sketching session( 4.5 hours!) as I had an inflammed wrist (De Quervain's disease) but most importantly, I wanted to learn water colouring from the master. The first 3 hours of Cheang Jin's painting process were slow, tedious, impossible even. Then, everything just fell right into place,unveiling an extremely realistic, three dimensional  painting that attracted passersby and drew admiration from onlookers and facebook friends. Great patience and skill pay well, after all!

Photo of happy sketchers.