Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Visiting my favourite Sketcher in Singapore

 My favourite sketcher from Singapore, Don Low, posted a blog entry about my visit to singapore and of me joining the ad hoc sketchwalk organized by him! Don is a great inspiration to me.

 I am soooooo happy! And grateful for the kindness of Don and Edric in bringing Kuan Yew and me around Singapore, searching for art materials, browsing in artsy shops, and treating us to noodle mee pok and coffee! Below is the blog entry :

A Cheerful Visitor & Sketcher from Malaysia

Sketchers @ One Fullerton
(End of Don's blog entry.)

This is the historic issuu publication, posted on Urban Sketcher, that introduced me to the wonderful works of Don. I remember staring at the sketches, totally mesmerized by each and everyone of them. I believe that this might be one of the biggest push for me to start sketching on location! 

Meeting one's favourite writer, or childhood idol is a lot of people's must do in life, and mine is to meet my favourite sketcher and see him sketch. And I 
did!!!!!!!! Thanks to facebook. This is my dream come true.

I have three folders of Don's sketches in my laptop( which wouldn't start after 4 months of non usage. sob) and i'd open them to stare at the sketches when I needed inspiration, or just felt like it. 

I owe my passion for sketching to Don, and many other sketchers worldwide. I hope that this passion will not die. =)


  1. @_@|||
    Thank you for writing so many kind things about me... I am encouraged as well! You keep sketching!! I am glad you enjoyed your short stay in Singapore. Will see you again hopefully in Malaysia!!

  2. All said are true, except before meeting you I was too paiseh to tell hehe...

  3. Nice post. I'm pleased you managed to hook up with the Singapore sketchers as you were hoping to Ru Hui.

  4. halo Murray!!!! How're you? Thanks for visiting my blog. I am so happy to have met you and the s'pore sketchers =) You all are awesome!

  5. wow, how i envy you! really nice sketch! keep goin on RuHui.

  6. hi cynthia! Thanks for your kind words.

  7. hey. that is so cool! have always wondered how'd be like to join the singaporean urban sketcher group!

  8. It was real fun! They're very. very friendly and enthusiastic!