Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cleansing oil

Have read for the umpteenth time that sunblock must be removed with a proper make up remover, so after comparing prices between Etude House Cleansing water/oil/cream(rm46.50, 150ml) and Elianto(RM29, 200ml) and some brand unheard of in Watson, I bought Elianto's green tea cleansing oil and so far ( after 1 use) find it very nice! I love the feeling of the oil 'melting' the residual sunblock. let's hope it wouldn't cause any (additional)breakouts.

Got a free, tiny sample of Clinique derma white brightening city block with SPF 40/PA +++.'s only 7ml so i think it's enough for only one application. But good enough already. Will compare it to Shiseido's sunblock. Although it's very pricey ( rm105 for 100ml), i still consider it a good investment cuz it suits my skin and wouldn't bleach it upon application. It brightens my skin tone instead so why not spend the money and make myself happy while i'm still young?

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