Friday, February 26, 2010

I bought a sewing machine!

Learning to sew in the sewing machine centre. Searched thru whole ipoh and found this nice 3 unit Brother sewing machine shop. Luckier still, there's a 2nd hand Brother VX1250 available! Traded in by someone who's just moved house. Mum bargained til the price dropped fr rm400 to 300. haha.. so happy.

The hole-filled camera pouch.
My Brother VX 1250!
My first attempt at making a camera pouch.
I dissected the hole-filled one and learned the ways.
It's non-functional but I'll watch lots of videos to improve. hehehe...
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  1. Thx Yuen Yee! You make crafts too?

  2. RURU!!!! You're really into it! So geng... trying to understand the mechanics by anatomical dissection of other products.. peifu! Peifu!