Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Poco Handmade Cafe

Poco Homemade!!!! 

Little pleasures in life can be very exhilarating. Today Kuan yew and I went to this cute lil shop in Jalan Choo Cheng Khay named Poco Homemade. We arrived there a teeny bit earlier than the cook cum waitress and had fun taking some siao photos. I love the ambience on the street. It's very un-KL-like, and thinking that it's situated right off Jalan Maharajalela! Actually i never'd have gone to this shop alone. I suggested to Kuan Yew half expecting him to dismiss my idea but he promised to teman me there!

Posing with this  cool 100% handmade sketch and art book by around 10 malaysians. The food was nice. I ordered Fish and Japanese curry set. It was delicious and tasted exactly like the chicken cooked with Japanese curry Kuan Yew made! It's not spicy but it retains its curry flavour. Made for people who love curry but can't take very spicy food, like meee.

My main aim of going to Poco was to see the craft this incredibly talented girl nicknamed meer's crafts. I was not disappointed. I've been fantasizing about owning a sewing machine that does quilts. But the girl in the shop told me that one'd cost rm700. sigh... maybe i'll buy the simplest one rm100 first then decide whether i'm truly interested(read: talented) in sewing. I remember sewing classes as one of the most boring during secondary school. How time changes a person's perspective.

Mana boleh  forget to take couple pic? So we asked the cook cum waitress to take for us. At first i was apprehensive than she'll find using Kuan Yew's DSLR difficult but she held it in a professional way and snap! snap! snap! 3 beautifully taken, at just the right angle were born! 


  1. Alwiz support whatever interest my ruru has! hehe.. must utilize your moleskin this holiday ohhh!! I like the place too... especially the book!! how can you not mention the book? hahahaha

  2. what book? He he...i recommended the website that led to this website that led to this place!!!

  3. laoyang: thx thx! I will..But i'v to practise my skill before i paint in the precious moleskin.
    Su Yan, Oh the book kuan yew's crazy about. haha he posted some of the book's content on facebook. go see!