Thursday, February 25, 2010

《WooHoo 大日子!》❀

 《WooHoo 大日子!》真是不可多得的好制作。 原本要和爸妈到戏院去观赏, 可惜我考完试戏已下画,买翻版的念头萌生, 可又想到本地华人这么不容易制作了一部电影片, 我是应该支持的。❀

我欢天喜地到Speedy 买, 售价19.90。 心想,“真便宜!” 岂知, 到楼上一看,店主把贴纸往原价一黏, 售价17.90。我只好自叹没货比三家才买。❀

观赏完《大日子》后, 深感每一分都花得很值得。 真是一部好戏。 跟爸妈看很温馨,整间屋子笑声连连。让我想起以前看新加波《小孩不笨2》是的欢乐时光。

❀  waaaa, i cannot tahan already. This pinyin is making me crazy and type ❀ like a tortoise. Typing in chinese is another skill i have yet to master. It doesn't help that my pinyin is the weakest part of my chinese knowledge. Out of 10 pinyin questions in SPM, I'd get 9 wrong. Luckily there was only one pinyin question in the grammar section. hahaha...❀

Anyway, watching "WooHoo" has made me realize that we're not short on local talents and the least we can do is to buy original DVDs or go to the cinemas to support them ❀

    ❀   p.s. thx su yan for recommending this movie to me!

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  1. Happy Happy!!!!! :-) Laoru supported the hardwork of others in terms of intellectual property as well letting the actors/producers know (thru sales/ ticketing) that they did a good job and will prompt them to come up with better movies next time!

    Proud of you!