Monday, April 5, 2010

Mum and her folk art

Mum engrossed in her folk art. She bought two little wooden boxes and I sketched her painting one of them. It's wonderful and a blessing to find something you like to do after you retire. It adds fun to your life and may even make you feel fulfilled! 

I've decided that I love sketching and painting more than sewing. Sewing really requires patience and skill. I'm a beginner and because no one I know sews, I have to rely on blogs, websites and youtube to learn the basic stuff. And it can be very frustrating. Moreover, i think something is wrong with my sewing machine although it appeared ok when I brought it to the shop. I don't get the 'flow' when I sew as I do with sketching. 

As I grow older, I've come to the realisation that I'm an indoors person cuz all of my hobbies are indoor ones! 

1. reading
2. sketching and painting
3. sewing
4. room makeover
5. researching anything regarding the hobbies above

I can't think of any outdoor activity that I truly enjoy, other than theme parks and travelling( but that's because I can sketch) I have no interest in climbing, cycling, snorkelling, or any outdoor activities in that matter.

And Kuan Yew is undoubtedly a mixture of both out- and indoors person. I guess i'll have to train myself to like outdoors more.  Wait a minute, I love sketching outdoors, especially in cities! huhu, finally found some 'outdoorsiness' ( got such word ar? neologism, haha) in me. 


  1. ruru!! i just strayed upon your blog. love your sketches! indeed, it's such joy to find out what you really love to do, be it as hobby or work, or even both! :) keep up the good work sister!

  2. Hi treeshadow! Thx for liking my sketches! I still have the nagging feeling that in real life, many people are not really interested when I show them my sketches and only compliment them out of obligation. It's so nice that u enjoyed them! hehehe..