Sunday, April 18, 2010

Passport cover

    Today I made a passport cover based on Chubby Hobby's tutorial. This passport cover is for Su Yan, who gave me a lovely book for my birthday. It's called 'Handwork Zakka 40 Styles'. It includes tissue box cover, document cover, dog pillow and even some recipes! There're of course other projects other than sewing ones.

And some pages found inside the book. I especially love the bird tutorial! Tweet tweet!

Here's the passport cover.

The inside of it.

 I stiched ' Su Yan' on a piece of jeans fabric. She can put two passports in the cover. 
There're two pockets for Mykad, ATM card, or any cards for that matter. 
Here's the cover and the back.

Besides a passport cover, I sewed a Rubbit on my measuring tape.
Every time I used the tape, Murphy's law happened invariably. 
I'd always grab the wrong end.
I got so frustrated I stiched Rubbit on the wrong end and 
voila, now I know which end to grab.


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!! I wanna share this link!!!!! :)

  2. Thanks so much for making Ru hui~~~ :)
    Your patchwork is lovely~~~

    Oh and I like your measuring tape idea, cos i always grab the wrong end as well!!!><

    Jo from Chubby*Hobby

  3. waa.. cantek u punya passport cover...
    nnt i nak tempah satu kat u, can aa??..