Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Plight of Nice People

"The man sitting behind the sleeping man is Jason, a young Indian ( who can speak fluent Mandarin!). 
His legs are practically squashed by the overly reclined seat of the inconsiderate middle aged man 
( who speaks VERY loudly over the phone).
Such is the contrast between the very rude and the very nice."

This was sketched in a Konsortium bus on our way back from Muar to Ipoh. The man in front of me reclined his seat without considering the comfort of the person behind him(me). I had to sit up absolutely straight to avoid being squashed by the chair. It was very uncomfortable. As I whined about my bad luck, Kuan Yew pointed to the poor man beside me. I was shocked seeing an even more sorry case compared to mine. Jason, the kind Indian man had to endure this horrible misfortune for more than an hour. Imagine the soreness of the legs at the end of the journey! 

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