Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stools in my house

    These are the stools in my house, which have provided resting places for my family and me for as long as I can remember, except a few of the newly added ones mum brought from the folk art studio she joined a while ago. The one with Barbie dolls is my birthday gift from mum! And the one behind it ( in yellow and black) is what she's currently working on with acrylic. I can see that it's turning out well. And the two Chinese looking stools on the far right and left are dad's tea stools. They're the most exotic looking and sturdy. 

    The one smacked  right in the middle is my favourite one, because of its curves and most importantly, the colour! It's a mixture of crimson water colour paint and ink. hehe... I first saw this colour in Don Low's website and was mesmerized by it. I feel so happy when I got the combination of crimson and ink right. It's like figuring out some ancient secret recipe! But of course mixing paint is easier than having to taste and retaste spices and food.

    Speaking of cooking, I've never really have much of an interest in cooking and have, in all my life, just baked twice, the first one for my ex boyfriend and the second one with Kuan Yew. Both cake/cookies turned out edible and were actually quite tasty! But then again nothing can go wrong with chocolate. 

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