Monday, March 8, 2010

Sarubobo dolls

Today, i made my first sarubobo doll based on this tutorial. It's extremely easy. 
Just that you've to be delicate cuz the recommended measurements are real small. 
There are several variations in the tutorial. I just tried one. Can't wait to try the others!
Made this for Kuan Yew. hehe...

According to Wikipedia: 
Nowadays, sarubobo are a popular souvenir in Takayama, and are available in many different colours and shapes from souvenir shops. There is even a Hello Kitty doll dressed as a sarubobo.
The differently coloured sarubobos are each associated with different wishes;
  • Blue sarubobo - for luck in study and work
  • Pink sarubobo - for luck in love ( mine is in pink! well, at least its dress and button are)
  • Green sarubobo - for luck in health
  • Yellow sarubobo - for luck in money
  • Black sarubobo - to remove bad luck
There is also a differently-shaped sarubobo called a "tobibobo."                           

                                  I'm gonna make the complete color set for the sarubobos. 

Sidenote: Tomorrow, I'm gonna officially start sketching in my precious moleskine watercolor  notebook. It's going to be my first travelogue sketchbook !


  1. Saru by ruru! hehehehe
    What colour is my sarubobo ruru?

  2. Wow^^ totemo kawaii desu!~ You're really good at sewing^^. Tutorial on how to make this perhaps? keep it up as u'll need an outlet in the medical field. trust me, hubbie is a MO now ^^

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  4. hye,cute sarubobo...give me one..hihihi