Sunday, March 21, 2010

Natinal Textile Museum and Central Market

Inspired by Urban Sketchers, I've decided to go on a sketchcrawl to Central market and sketch the area around it. Kuan Yew has been so kind to accompany me on my crawl. He did some photographing. We walked from Masjid Jamek LRT station to Dataran Merdeka and passed by National Textile Museum. Initially, i was reluctant to enter yet another museum but succumbed anyway to his persuasion. Bored at first, i walked around in it but when i spotted this old sewing machine, I couldn't resist sketching it. And here it is!

These are women of the east coast making traditional textile.

Peranakan clothes and head wear

Central market Food court - it was airconned. The food court itself is culturally diverse enough to represent the vibrant urban life in Malaysia. A look around shows people of  at least 6 races mingling around and at least 15culinary choices from many stalls.

Poor Kuan Yew catching a nap while i sketched. 


  1. Thx Patty! Your crafts are superb! And I love your blog layout. Very homely and sweet =)

  2. Hehe , laoru copy the photos from Facebook on the things you sketch and put side by side oh!

  3. so nice that you can get the former prime minister of singapore to go sketching with you; i cant even get my kids to come along sometimes.

  4. haha Min, you're being humourous. My boyfriend happens to share the same name as the minister mentor of Singapore but his surname is Yong, not Lee (luckily).

    It's so nice that your kids go with you sometimes!