Friday, March 12, 2010

KL and Krabi sketchings

Lanterns and bamboo roofs have become my favourite subjects to sketch. The man closest to me sold Papa the bad food which caused stomach discomfort and diarrhea.

Petaling street.Sketched this sitting outside a kopitiam. I'd inhaled in gallons of noxious

 fumes and felt sick after that. But exhilarated at the same time cuz this is my first time 

doing a live sketch =) 

This turned out quite nice. Was hesitant at the beginning to sketch a tokong cuz of the 

intricate details but brought it on anyway and am happy with the result!

My attempt at back portraits. This is a lovely pair of couple waiting to board a plane in the departure hall. They were sitting right in front of me. Wonder how they'd react if they turned around and saw me sketching them.

                    As seen from the balcony of my room. Nice panoramic view. Will colour it later. Im not well versed with painting nature. Hope that it'll turn out well 

A comparison between Petaling street before and after painting.. I prefer the uncoloured one though. Quite disappointed at how it turned out.


  1. Wahhhhh!! Laoru very geng! All this is Moleskin??

    I love the temple sketch the best! couple sketch also very nice and special!!!

    On the before after pic, I prefer the coloured one ooo.. I feel the colour brings the street alive.

    Laoru has progressed from photo-sketching complex scenery to live sketching it! Gambate!

    Next time I buy you high grade mask to filter out the noxious fumes while you sketch o.. but I think It'll look kinda weird.. hmmmm

  2. The temple's my favouritest too! I like how the ink bleeds into the green of the bamboo roofs. hehe.. Yay! if the gas mask can prevent my lungs from blackening i dun mind a few stares.