Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tote bag

        Feeling really disheartened when i couldn't figure out how to do the inner lining of my sewing machine cover. I was in bad mood and my whole mind focused on how to get it right the whole day. Went into a frenzy googling tutorials and websites and youtube etc. Never thought that sewing could bring me such agony. 

The sewing machine cover without lining =(

This was supposed to be the lining. But i just couldn't figure out
 how to attach it snugly to the outer cover.

       For a second I was doubting my decision to buy a sewing machine. it's not really expensive but rm300 is still money, esp for a student. And the 2nd hand machine kept failing me. I'd to rethread in between sewing different parts, which was really frustrating. Plus I had no one to ask for help. No beginner's luck at all. I guess this doesn't apply to learning a new skill.

Planning as carefully as possible so as to not waste my precious ( and expensive) fabrics. 

                At 11.30p.m, I FINALLY, FINALLY got the inner lining right for my 3rd project,   the tote bag!!!!!!! Yes Yes Yes! 

No pain, no gain.

There's a bulb in the sewing machine. How convenient!

Thinking of trading my 2nd hand sewing machine in with the newer model cuz the 2nd hand one keeps giving me trouble. Plus the newer model has free flow quilting function, my biggest draw to learn sewing. 

Last but no least, a collage of my tote bag pictures. hehe...


  1. Laooooru! I like this post! LIKEEE!!
    Shows your hard work, nice photography, shows how meticulously you planned everything... and the photograph of the needle hurting your poor poor finger is so.... hmmm..what's the word for it.. heartfelt? :-)

  2. Hi Hafiza! Thx for ur compliment!

  3. Hi Ru Hui, i'm thinking of having an user-friendly sewing machine, any recomendation? nice tote bag by the way!

  4. thx cynthia!Hmm a user-friendly sewing machine... I'm not really sure because I've only used a second hand Brother. I think there are thousands of websites with discussions on which sewing machine to buy,and it also depends on the availability in your area. Sorry, not much help here hehe...