Friday, March 26, 2010

Mindfulness, happiness and the stethoscope


  1. hai ru hui :) still cant believe ur a medical student. well u'll definitely hv an eye for art. and i notice that u like to sew as well. try check this website, she's a friend of mine. she did a lot of DIY. thought u might like it :)

    anyway, love ur sketches. u obviously more daring to draw human then i am haha. im still abit scared that i might screw up the whole sketch if i try to draw human. unless i just draw out a ghostly human figure :P what sketchbook are u using anyway? been trying to find watercolor sketch book with the elongated shape just like urs. but kuching really hv a limited shop selling art stuff. well nice to meet u :)


  3. Hi Azie! Thx for recommending me your friend's blog! Both of you make the perfect pair of talented and artistic friends!On drawing people, I'm also facing the problem of not drawing realistically. Most of the time, i'd catch a glimpse and draw according to what I think a human should look like, which is the wrong technique. Another hindrance is that i'm scared that my subjects'd notice me drawing them, come over, and see the distorted version of them on my sketchbook. So far, it hasn't happened(yet).

    I use Moleskine Large Watercolour sketchbook( different from watercolor notebook)here's the link:
    My boyfriend bought it in England. To get Moleskine in Malaysia, the only place i know is Kinokuniya, KLCC. And i think it's overpriced there. We'll have to pay through our nose for Moleskine in Kinokuniya. Azie, What sketchbook do u use?

  4. ya heard they are like rm100 plus T_T mybe someday i'll get my hand on one of them.

    im using 2 sketchbooks atm. one is a derwent safari sketchbook (17x12cm) 200gsm. 80 pages. cost me about rm40 plus. so to compare this to a moleskine pocket sketchbook, i guess i just stick with this for now haha.

    another one is a normal binded sketchbook :) i had this for quite awhile...before i found out bout sketchbook like moleskine... :P

  5. Derwent!!! I've seen them around. Quite expensive also. but quality's good =)
    I dread the day I fill up Moleskine cuz then I'll have to crack my head thinking whether to buy another Moleskine or a cheaper sketchbook but at the same time anticipate that day cuz I'll have a completed Moleskine! haha..