Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sketching man on bus

Text in the sketch ( just in case my handwriting is indecipherable) :

The man on the bus was engrossed in his handphone game with the game music blasting. It nearly triggered my tinnitus. I had the strong urge to get up and (politely) ask him to decrease the volume but didn't have the guts to. At that moment, I wish I was not the weaker sex and the lone traveler. Besides that, he's a foreign worker, most probably from Indonesia. Now, I'm not saying that all Indonesians are inconsiderate or dangerous. In fact, I've been to Solo and Bali where I met many friendly locals. This man in particular did not look like a serial killer. Anyway, just when I thought that things couldn't get any worse, he moved to the seat right beside me! I couldn't stand the music anymore and asked him to "kurangkan sikit music( decrease the volume)". And HE DID! So I said thank you. Now I have the urge to sketch him but it'd be too obvious. Then I took out my lil mirror and sketched his reflection. ( Being the fairer sex has its advantage after all!)

11.40 a.m.
26th mar 2010
Plusliner bus from KL to Ipoh.

   After I sketched him, I moved to the seat in front of him to sketch another man. After some time, I felt something wriggling and touching my butt. I turned over and to my horror, there were two feet sticking out from the gap on my seat! When i stared at him, he looked like he's in agony and feigned innocence. What an inconsiderate person. Luckily he moved his feet away.

    I admit that I have a lot of pet peeves when it comes to fellow bus passengers. I'm most sensitive to noise; blasting music put on by the bus driver, people talking loudly to their phone, loud ring tones or message tones, people who make disgusting sounds cleaning their teeth and mouth and gums and who know whats etc. I also can't stand people who recline their seats too far back, disregarding the people sitting behind, people who keep pushing their knees into your back through your backseat, people who smell of heavy smoking etc. I wish that we have programmes or campaigns to teach people 'bus manners'.

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