Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010

I've always been accused by Kuan Yew of not being romantic enough be
cause i don't like to watch fireworks. They look exciting to me for the first four seconds and become boring thereafter. In my childhood memories, fireworks were not really associated with fun. On the other hand,a distinct memory is of our neighbour coming over to our house where we were playing fireworks and lamented on how it caused air pollution. The loud sound every time a firework is released'd send me jumping, and that'd be another cause of annoyance for ky.  

Anyway, today's topic is hot air balloon. Whether or not it is associated with the notion romance, im not sure. But it reminds a lot of people of the animation 'Up'. For me, it's the best animation after 'Finding Nemo'. And the gist and most touching part of the whole movie is the 4 minute mime depicting old man Carl and his wife Ellies' whole lives together, which explains the reason why an old man would be crazy enough to attach thousands of helium balloons to his house so that he and the house could fly off to another country. 
Being a big fan of the movie, any chance of experiencing it must be grabbed. But the primary reason for me to travel 2 hours just to see a few balloons was because it was a return favour to kuan yew for accompanying me on my sketching marathon yesterday. A few girl friends who are genuinely interested in the festival( who, by ky's loose definition, are more romantically inclined than me, i suppose) tagged along. 

The photo on the left - Kuan Yew adjusting his cap before the balloon man starts the gas to heat up air in the balloon。 Wearing a cap is a tip from previous balloon passengers for avoiding the hair from burning.

This is a sketch of the lakeside where lots of lil children( and some adults) played in giant water balls. It looked really fun but expensive too(rm5 for 5 minutes). Too bad i couldn't play cuz i was wearing a dress. 

A sketch of the balloons against the backdrop of the famous putrajaya bridge, which i admit not knowing the name of =P

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